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Written on:July 12, 2012
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Upfront Series – Our Interactive Whiteboard Activity Bank

Prepare interactive whiteboard lessons and printable worksheets in minutes and get the most out of your teaching time!
Based on the award-winning BRAINtastic content, Upfront includes over 17,000 activities in both literacy and numeracy. Lesson plans can even be created from home and then used in the classroom later. Suitable for all brands of PC- or Mac-based IWBs (interactive whiteboards).

Now is the time to get up to 60% off Upfront Bundles and Single Levels so download the Upfront brochure and discounted order form now.

Reading For Literacy, Maths Made Easy and Computer Classroom Series

Give your students an edge in their critical reading skills and help build confident maths minds!
These series provide stimulating learning by combining colourful animated tutorials and built-in speech with excellent curriculum-based content. There are 1,000s of activities covering Maths, Reading and English.

Right now we’re offering up to 55% off any of these titles and you can download the brochure and discounted order form here.

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