ZooWhiz now features detailed correlations and reporting linked to with the Australian Curriculum

Written on:September 4, 2013
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The 17,000+ educational activities within ZooWhiz are now directly correlated against the Content Descriptors contained in the Australian Curriculum. This advanced ability now sets ZooWhiz apart from all other online learning systems. No other online learning system delivers direct correlations between activities and the Content Descriptors of the Australian Curriculum.

Multiple correlations

The ZooWhiz activities were specifically created as multi-dimensional learning experiences. As such it is common for an activity to concurrently fulfill the requirements of multiple Descriptors. The ZooWhiz correlation allows for this reality allowing the selection of activities by any one of the Descriptors and referencing multiple Descriptors in the generated reports. The 11,200+ maths activities correlate to over 15,700+ Descriptors.

Powerful content management and reporting tools also released.

Our development team has been working for the past 7 months to create a suite of powerful tools that allow teachers to create an unlimited number of Content Selections using either the ZooWhiz Curriculum or the Australian Curriculum structures and then to apply them to a whole class or to individuals within a class. The powerful reporting module allows teachers to review the progress of individuals or the whole class, print reports and analyse individual child or whole class performance against the rest of the school, state or country.

Try it for yourself:


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