#13 – Dec 2012

Technology is changing education at an unprecedented rate. Children today are entering a world of digital opportunity like never before but at the same time there are risks and down sides. EdAlive eNews for Teachers keeps you up to date with developments from around the world and ail in one easy to access place.

Staff and social media: a head teacher’s perspective

By Dave Foreshaw, Innovate My School on December 3, 2012


Cloud computing for teachers in the Philippines

By Admin, Manilla Standard Today on December 3, 2012


Viral videos leave deaf out of the loop, say advocates

By Hayley Tsukayama, SMH on December 3, 2012


ZooWhiz Mobile now has sound! Go to www.zoowhiz.com to check it out!

By Graham East, EdAlivee on December 3, 2012
ZooWhiz for Mobile-02

Rogue apps causing bill shock, battery drain

By Asher Moses, smh on December 3, 2012

Mobile and hand

Education in the information age: is technology making us stupid?

By Jason Lodge, The Conversation on December 3, 2012


Tasmanian middle school using cloud computing for down-to-earth education

By Carmen McCollum, Hobart Community on December 3, 2012


Cloud? What’s that?

By Matthew Hall , MSH on December 3, 2012


Microsoft says Apple’s ‘post-PC’ view is wrong, claims it’s a ‘PC+’ era

By AppleInsider Staff, AppleInsider on December 3, 2012


EdAlive software and the transition to Windows 7

By Graham East, EdAlive on November 28, 2012


$540m schools scheme fails to boost literacy, numeracy in Australia

By Bianca Hall, SMH on October 22, 2012


iOS, Android adoption now twice as fast as 1990s Internet boom

By AppleInsider Staff, AppleInsider on October 22, 2012


Mac “General Maintenance” recommendations

By Topher Kessler, CNET on December 3, 2012


Legal risks for students using social networking sites

By Michael Henderson, Australian Computers in Education on December 3, 2012

Michael Henderson