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Technology is changing education at an unprecedented rate. Children today are entering a world of digital opportunity like never before but at the same time there are risks and down sides. EdAlive eNews for Teachers keeps you up to date with developments from around the world and ail in one easy to access place.

Has your Mac Software stopped working?

By Jason Riley, EdAlive eNews on August 27, 2013


School database loses backers as parents balk over privacy

By Stephanie Simon, Reuters on August 29, 2013

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Aligning Assessment with Curriculum and Pedagogy in Applied Information Technology

By Paul Newhouse , Australian Educational Computing 24(2),4-11 on November 14, 2012


Education Technology Trends – Part I – Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

By Janet Wagner, programmable web on August 26, 2013

MOOC Image

Technology poised to revolutionize education

By Jason Clemens, Troy Media on August 26, 2013


ZooWhiz now features detailed correlations and reporting linked to with the Australian Curriculum

By Graham East, EdAlive Enews on September 4, 2013

Does text messaging negatively impact student academic success?

By Jacqui Murray, innovate My School on August 15, 2013


Using Mobile Devices and Applications to increase Learning Acumen, Part 2

By Tatum Hutton, Innovate My School on August 15, 2013

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What’s a Digital Portfolio and Why Should You Use it?

By Todd Bergman, Ask a Tech Teacher on August 15, 2013


The challenges of putting computers in schools and BYOD

By William Cohen, ABC Technology and Games on August 15, 2013


Towards a 3D digital multimodal curriculum for the upper primary school

By Paul Chandler, Australian Educational Computing on November 14, 2012

Paul Chandler