#12 – Nov 2012

Technology is changing education at an unprecedented rate. Children today are entering a world of digital opportunity like never before but at the same time there are risks and down sides. EdAlive eNews for Parents keeps you up to date with developments from around the world and ail in one easy to access place.

Tips on using DropBox to store your digital life in the Cloud

By Tyler Dukes, Sydney Morning Herald on November 28, 2012


Every click you make, they’ll be watching you

By Elisabeth Sexton , smh on November 28, 2012


Common sense from Conroy, as net filter plan is canned

By Sharon Sharwood, The Punch on November 28, 2012


Internet is parents’ worst nightmare

By Michelle Grattan, SMH on November 28, 2012


Parent power – home/school collaboration

By Rosemary Dewan, innovate My School on November 28, 2012


The iPad and Student Use

By Daniel Edwards, syded on November 28, 2012


The iPad and Parental Engagement in Education

By Daniel Edwards, syded on November 28, 2012