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Technology is changing education at an unprecedented rate. Children today are entering a world of digital opportunity like never before but at the same time there are risks and down sides. EdAlive eNews for Teachers keeps you up to date with developments from around the world and ail in one easy to access place.

The screens that are stealing childhood

By Andrew Stevenson, The Sydney Morning Herald on July 31, 2012


Google funds computer teachers and Raspberry Pis in England

By BBC News, BBC News on July 31, 2012


Facebook engineer turns 5 year olds into hackers

By Klint Finley, Wired.com on July 31, 2012


How to boost the number of women in computer related fields

By Idit Harel Caperton, The Huffington Post on July 31, 2012


New digital divide: Lower-income kids waste more time with their gadgets

By Maureen Downey, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on July 31, 2012


Will schools be tempted to buy tablets to use Windows 8?

By Charlie Osborne, ZDNet on July 31, 2012


Computer Programming for All: A New Standard of Literacy

By Dan Rowinski, RedWriteWeb/Hack on July 31, 2012


Cool Kids Love Water

By Not Supplied, Primary Times on February 18, 2013


The Top 10 Digital Learning Apps Teachers Can Actually Use

By Not Supplied, Ideas Out There on February 18, 2013

Top 10

Introducing #EdAliveTopSites

By Not Supplied, EdAlive on December 4, 2015


Can E-Books and Libraries Coexist?

By Bob Al-Greene, Mashable on February 18, 2013

Libraries are Forever

Staff and social media: a head teacher’s perspective

By Dave Foreshaw, Innovate My School on December 3, 2012


Getting Started with Teaching Coding

By Julian S Wood, Coding Corner on December 3, 2015

Coding Corner

Cloud computing for teachers in the Philippines

By Admin, Manilla Standard Today on December 3, 2012


The dynamics for students’ on line response

By Tony Stevens, Australian Educational Computing on December 3, 2015


Decoding Learning: UK Schools criticised on computer use

By Not Supplied, msn TECH on August 26, 2013

England school league tables

Viral videos leave deaf out of the loop, say advocates

By Hayley Tsukayama, SMH on December 3, 2012


Zoom in on Mount Everest via this interactive image

By Not Supplied, Sydney Morning Herald on February 18, 2013


How to integrate Web 2.0 tools into the classroom

By Jacqui Murray, innovate My School on December 3, 2015

Web2 Tools

Gamer goes racing

By Stephen Ottley, Sydney Morning Herald on August 25, 2013