#01 – Jan 2012

Technology is changing education at an unprecedented rate. Children today are entering a world of digital opportunity like never before but at the same time there are risks and down sides. EdAlive eNews for Parents keeps you up to date with developments from around the world and ail in one easy to access place.

The eCSP is now up and running

By Jason Riley, EdAlive eNews on July 12, 2012


Fed-up families drop homework down the pecking order

By Andrew Stevenson, The Sydney Morning Herald on July 16, 2012

Fed up families 1

KidPix keeps on keeping on

By Software MacKiev, PR Newswire, United Business Media on July 16, 2012


Exposing Norton’s cyber crime scare campaign

By Patrick Gray, The Sydney Morning Herald on July 16, 2012

Norton Report

South Korean education goes online

By Gary Eason, BBC News on July 17, 2012


Aussie kids leading the world online!

By Nathan Mawby, Herald Sun on July 17, 2012

Aussie Log on

$250 computers for low income American families

By Todd Bishop, GeekWire on July 17, 2012


Different funding models for kids software but at what cost?

By Daniel Donahoo, HuffPost Education Group on July 17, 2012

The Critical Juncture in Children's Mobile Media